Which season do you like best?

Winter is better than summer
January 7, 2010
There’s the refreshing chill, the whitest snow, and the holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve, President’s weekend, and more! Winter is much more enjoyable than summer.  

“I like winter because skiing a lot, snow, Christmas, breaks, snow days, and I like candy canes and Santa hats. I also like sledding. Sledding is great. And it’s fun to watch all the young children running around with joyous expressions on their faces. I like holiday decorations, holiday candles, and I like the smell of cinnamon and christmas cookies and christmas trees. I could go on all day,” says 8th grader, Kamie P.

Summer makes people overheated and it’s boring and humid. Plus it’s hard to cool off. In winter, it’s only cold outside and indoors you can stay warm and cozy. It’s much easier to warm up than to cool off.

The sports in winter are much more fun than the summer ones, like skiing, snowboarding, etc. “I love winter because there is snow, and it’s cold and you can go snowboarding and stuff. Winter is amazing,” says 7th grader, Amy C. Even some sports made for summer are more fun and entertaining to watch in the snow and ice. Some people have found that football is much more entertaining when it is snowing.

One thing winter has that summer doesn’t is snow. No one, even if they say they don’t like snow, has not enjoyed it at least once. “I like snow when it’s falling. It’s very fluffy and I just like snow in general. It’s pretty sweet and it gives us snow days which I enjoy a lot,”  states 8th grader, Jenna M.

Many people interviewed prefer winter over summer and believe that it is better and more fun, concluding that winter must be the best season.

Summer’s better than winter
March 18, 2010
Which is better; summer or winter? I think that summer is better for multiple reasons.

Some people say winter is the best because of the holidays and such. As Graham N, 7th grade, says, "Winter is better because there's skiing, sledding, and hot cocoa." I disagree. Summer appeals more to me than winter because for one thing there are more things to do in summer. In winter there is sometimes snow on the roads, blocking you from going places. And even if there’s not snow it’s practically guaranteed to be cold, which a lot of people don’t like. I know that when I think of summer I think of hanging out with friends and playing outside. Winter doesn’t seem as fun in my opinion.

Also in winter you have to bundle up just to go outside. I find that a hassle. In summer you can just throw on a pair of flip-flops and you’re good to go. In summer you might need a jacket once in a while, but at least you don’t have to worry about your fingers freezing off.

And the best thing about summer in my opinion? There’s NO SCHOOL! You are completely free of schoolwork, unless you’re in summer school. A sense of freedom is over everyone in summer. You can usually relax. Even if your parents make you get up early, you can enjoy your sleep without dreading the day ahead, because of school. “I like summer because there’s no school! And I’m a swimmer so in summer I can swim a lot.” says Emmah B, 7th grade.

If you think summer is awesome, feel free to enjoy it!